With Sourcegraph deployments supporting executors, your repository contents can be automatically analyzed to produce a precise code intelligence index file. Once auto-indexing is enabled and auto-indexing policies are configured, repositories will be periodically cloned into an executor sandbox, analyzed, and the resulting index file will be uploaded back to the Sourcegraph instance.

Lifecycle of an indexing job

Index jobs are run asynchronously from a queue. Each index job has an attached state that can change over time as work associated with that job is performed. The following diagram shows transition paths from one possible state of an index job to another.

Index job state diagram

The general happy-path for an index job is: QUEUED, PROCESSING, then COMPLETED.

Index jobs may fail to complete due to the job configuration not aligning with the repository contents or due to transient errors related to the network (for example). An index job will enter the FAILED state on the former type of error and the ERRORED state on the later. Errored index jobs may be retried a number of times before moving into the FAILED state.

At any point, an index job record may be deleted (usually due to explicit deletion by the user).

Lifecycle of an indexing job (via UI)

Users can see precise code intelligence index jobs for a particular, repository by navigating to the code intelligence page in the target repository's index page.

Repository index page

Administrators of a Sourcegraph instance can see a global view of precise code intelligence index jobs across all repositories from the Site Admin page.

Global list of precise code intelligence index jobs across all repositories

The detail page of an index job will show its current state as well as detailed logs about its execution up to the current point in time.

Upload in processing state

The stdout and stderr of each command run during pre-indexing and indexing steps are viewable as the index job is processed. This information is valuable when troubleshooting a custom index configuration for your repository.

Detailed look at index job logs

Once the index job completes, a precise code intelligence file has been uploaded to the Sourcegraph instance. The associated upload record is available from the detail view of an index job.

Upload in completed state