Install Sourcegraph

Sourcegraph can be installed in a variety of methods to set up a deployment for your private code.

If you're just starting out, you can try Sourcegraph Cloud or run Sourcegraph locally.


Deployment Type Suggested for Setup time Resource isolation Auto-healing Multi-machine
★ Docker Compose Small & medium production deployments 🟢 5 minutes
★ Kubernetes Medium & large highly-available cluster deployments 🟠 30-90 minutes
Single-container Local testing 🟢 1 minute


  • We recommend Docker Compose for most initial production deployments. You can migrate to a different deployment method later on if needed.
  • Note that for a Kubernetes deployment, you are expected to have a team that is familiar with operating Kubernetes clusters, including but not limited to the use of persistent storage. If in any doubt about your team's ability to support this, please speak to your Sourcegraph contact about using Docker Compose instead.
  • Don't want to worry about managing a Sourcegraph deployment? Consider a managed instance.

Resource estimator

Use the resource estimator to find a good starting point for your deployment.