Updating Sourcegraph

Update policy

A new version of Sourcegraph is released every month (with patch releases in between, released as needed). Check the Sourcegraph blog or the site admin updates page to learn about updates. We actively maintain the two most recent monthly releases of Sourcegraph.

Regardless of your deployment type, the following rules apply:

  • Upgrade one minor version at a time, e.g. v3.26 --> v3.27 --> v3.28.
    • Patches (e.g. vX.X.4 vs. vX.X.5) do not have to be adopted when moving between vX.X versions.
  • Check the update notes for your deployment type for any required manual actions before updating.
  • Check your out of band migration status prior to upgrade to avoid a necessary rollback while the migration finishes.

Update notes

Please see the instructions for your deployment type:

For product update notes, please refer to the changelog.

Migrating to a new deployment type

See this page to get advice on which deployment type you should be running.