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Sourcegraph is a Code AI platform that deeply understands your code, no matter how large or where it’s hosted, to power modern developer experiences.

  • Code search: Search all of your repositories across all branches and all code hosts
  • Code intelligence: Navigate code, find references, see code owners, trace history, and more
  • Fix & refactor: Roll out and track large-scale changes and migrations across repos at once
  • AI code assistant: Use Cody to read, write, and understand your entire codebase faster


Main Features

Some of the main Sourcegraph features include:

Feature Description
Cody Cody is a free AI coding assistant that writes, fixes, and maintains your code
Code Navigation Jump-to-definition, find references, and other IDE-like code browsing features on any branch, commit, or PR/code review
Code Insights Reveal high-level information about your codebase at its current state and over time, to track migrations, version usage, vulnerability remediation, ownership, and more
Batch Changes Make large-scale code changes across many repositories and codehosts
Integrations With code hosts, code review tools, editors, web browsers, etc.
Notebooks Pair code and markdown to create powerful live and persistent documentation

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