Site administrator privileges

Site administrators have full administrative access to the Sourcegraph instance. In many cases, they also control the deployment environment. Special privileges are granted to site-admin users.

Access to all repositories

Site administrators are able to access all repositories on the Sourcegraph instance and manage the settings of individual repositories.

Access to all GraphQL APIs

Site administrators are able to access all GraphQL APIs of the Sourcegraph instance, including special GraphQL APIs that require a site-admin access token.

Impersonate regular users

Site administrators are able to impersonate regular users in two ways:

  1. View and update the settings of any user.
  2. Initiate GraphQL API calls on behalf of any other user.

Receive site alerts

Site administrators see update notifications and other site-level alerts (visible as a banner across the top of the screen) that may be invisible to non-admin users.