Sourcegraph extensions

If you've used Sourcegraph before, you've used a Sourcegraph extension: Sourcegraph extensions add features like git blame, code coverage, trace/log information, link previews, and third-party tool integrations.

For example, try hovering over tokens or toggling Git blame on tuf_store.go. Or see a demo video of code coverage overlays. The extension registry lists all publicly available extensions.

Sourcegraph extensions are like editor extensions, but run anywhere you view code in your web browser. To get extensions on your code host and review tools, you need the Chrome/Firefox Sourcegraph browser extension, or you must set up a native integration with your code host.

Getting started

Administering extensions

Site admins can control instance-wide extensions settings and additional permissions features. See Administering extensions on your Sourcegraph instance.

Authoring extensions

Have an improvement or an idea for a new Sourcegraph extension? Want to publish your extension publicly? See Authoring extensions.