Security and privacy of Sourcegraph extensions

You can use Sourcegraph extensions without a account or self-hosted Sourcegraph instance.1 To do so, just install the browser extension.

We designed Sourcegraph extensions with security and privacy in mind:

  • Extensions do not send your code to Sourcegraph to operate. They run entirely on the client in your web browser.
  • Extensions don't have direct access to private code. Extensions needing code access, such as to provide find-references in a project, must fetch code from the API of your code host or self-hosted Sourcegraph instance. This requires you to explicitly permit access (e.g., by creating a GitHub access token and configuring the extension to use it).
  • Extensions run in isolation from your code host's web pages. They don't have direct DOM access (because they run in a Web Worker) and can only contribute actions and behavior allowed by the Sourcegraph extension API.
  • Extensions are sandboxed by your web browser. Because Sourcegraph extensions run inside of the Sourcegraph for Chrome/Firefox browser extension, they are limited by the permissions you granted to the browser extension.
  • Sourcegraph development is open source, so these claims are verifiable.

1 To use extensions other than the default set of language extensions, you currently do need an account or self-hosted instance. We plan to remove this limitation soon.

Additional Admin security features

We offer admins the option to only allow pre-approved extensions, disallow all extensions, or host a private extension registry: Administration of Sourcegraph extensions and the extension registry.