How to do one-off profiling for dogfood and production using pprof

Go has built-in support for a sampling profiler pprof, which can be used to investigate CPU usage, heap usage and more.

You can obtain and examine a profile from a running Sourcegraph instance as follows:

  1. Select the right Kubernetes context using kubectx or kubectl.
  2. Set up port-forwarding for the pod you're interested in profiling using k9s or kubectl. For example:
    kubectl port-forward precise-code-intel-worker-0000000000-00000 6061:6060
    This will map port 6060 on the pod to port 6061 on your machine.
  3. Record a profile.
    # Sample CPU usage for 60 seconds
    go tool pprof -seconds 60 http://localhost:6061/debug/pprof/profile
    # Sample heap usage for 60 seconds
    go tool pprof -seconds 60 http://localhost:6061/debug/pprof/heap
    This will save the output to a temporary file. (Or you can specify a path using -output <path>.)
  4. Examine the generated using go tool pprof:
    # in the web UI
    go tool pprof -http :9999 /path/to/profile.pb.gz
    # in a REPL
    go tool pprof /path/to/profile.pb.gz
    The web UI supports visualizing the output as a flamegraph, as a call graph with weighted edges, and more.

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